Frequently Asked Questions
How does purchasing a property from your site work?

It’s easy. You look at all of our available properties and find the one you like. If you’re local, you are welcome to drive by go and inspect the property. If you’re out of state, you can also ask a local service to go and look for you (see: wegolook.com).

Once you find the lot you’d like, you simply make us an offer on the site. If this offer is accepted, we will immediately email you a contract so you can lock in your purchase by signing online. We can also mail you a contract if you’d prefer.

Once accepted, we begin the escrow process with our registered title agent who will handle the whole closing process for us.

Are you a real estate agent?

No, we are land investors and wholesalers. To be able to buy and sell land in most states, you do not need to be a real estate agent or have an agent close the deal for you.  The good news here gets better; as we are not agents, it means our customers don’t pay any commissions. We can pass those savings on to you.

Land can still be exchanged between sellers and buyers with legally binding sales contracts, just like buying a second-hand car!  Our contracts are accepted and processed by registered title companies and closing agents.

Can you keep me help me look for a specific kind of property?

Yes, absolutely we can.  Becoming a VIP buyers with us means we can send you all our great deals before they are advertised on the any sites that offer land. If you are after specific types of land e.g. commercial land, and in a particular area then let us know the details and we will do some searching for you.

How does seller finance work?

Seller financing is a great option for when you find your dream piece of land, but you might not be able to afford to pay for all of it right now.

Seller financing allows you to put a down payment on the land (20% of purchase for example), therefore securing the land as the next owner on the title. Via an agreed timeframe (24-36 months for example), you then pay off the land plus interest over a period of time. Once all payments are completed, the title becomes yours and the closing process is finalised.

Are their any hidden fees when buying land from you?

No, all our fees are outlined in our contracts with you, so everything is transparent. We don’t charge you a fee for doing business with us. The only fees you are charged are the standard costs associated with buying land such as closing costs.  We have a title company who is reputable, efficient and has lowered their fees due to the volume we ask them to process, so we also pass these savings on to you.

What if I want to close on the property myself?

We have worked with a local, reputable and very experienced title company for many years. This means we know what the service is and how much it costs and can help manage this process effectively. As this title company knows our processes, contracts and customers, they have been able to help get deals done quicker.

Therefore, all of our deals go through the one title company. This ensures you, our customer, has the best service on closing on your land purchase on time.

Why are your properties so cheap?

We work hard to find the best off-market deals and bring them to you. Off-market means that the owners haven’t advertised, and the lots are often sitting vacant, idle and unused. We make offers to the sellers to help them get rid of land they are not using (and paying taxes on!) and ensure we can market that property to you at below market value. Any savings we make along the way, we pass on to you, our customers.  When everyone from the seller to the buyer wins in the deal, then it’s a good deal.

How do I know if this is a safe way to purchase property?

You’ll know it’s safe for a few reasons: 

1. Our contracts are legally binding, valid and current. The contracts offer clauses that ensure all parties are treated fairly and all facts of the deal are known. 

2. We handle all closing with a registered, reputable and ell experienced title company. This means an independent 3rd party handles all cash, checks and closing transactions and provide a clear title and all new ownership paperwork, as well as registering you, the new owner, with the County. 

3. You will be kept informed by the title company throughout closing, so if any issues arise you will know about them well before any impact to you.